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Junk Trading

Need some bits and bobs or other odd knobs to use in your projects? We have a wide selection of discarded materials from buildings, benches, and a bunch of other used objects. Metal facets, wooden doohickeys, you name it, we have it.

Used Appliances

Washer or dryer need replacing? Take advantage of someone who replaced one when they didn't need to! We have plenty of used home appliances in full working condition waiting to be taken to a home where they'll be properly appreciated again.

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Spare Parts

Does your automobile need an organ donor? We get dozens of wrecks and abandoned cars every week that have plenty of parts in them that work just as intended. Good quality used parts may be hard to come by at some specialy stores, but we have them in spades.


Keeping our planet green might not sound like the job of a junkman, but we all live here and we'd all like to stay, so if you'd like to help do your part in keeping our recyclable materials in circulation. We'll take your bottles and cans, free of charge.

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Raw Materials

Need some aluminum? How about some steel? Recyled sheet metal is a valuable source of raw material for art and construction projects and it comes at less than half the cost of newly forged inguts from your run-of-the-mill metalworks.

Hazmat Disposal

Have toxic chemicals or equipment that contains lead, mercury, or other heavy metals? Our Hazmat disposal unit is fully equipped to break down your batteries, electronics, and flourecent bulbs safely and effectively.

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